Helen Watling

Helen Watling

Who am I?

I joined with my husband in 1990. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. I am a retired teacher, who later specialised in helping Dyslexic children. I have been a counsellor and befriender at the Ellenor Hospice and, at Eastgate, I have been a children’s worker, House Group leader, a member of the Sozo team and a student at ESSL.

What’s my passion?

To share my love of Jesus with everyone, whilst growing in faith myself. This led to me visiting the Ukraine with ‘Hope Now’ each year for 8 years, helping and teaching the many widows and disadvantaged people there Now I love to pray with the Prayer and Healing ministry teams.

What do I love?

My family and grandchildren, hospitality and cooking, flower-arranging, country dancing and table tennis, music and holidays!

One interesting fact about me?

I have a dark-haired, twin sister.