Shoulder movement restored and pain eased – August 2017

Shoulder movement restored and pain eased – August 2017


Anthea Abayomi-Cole


5th August 2017

What did you receive prayer for?

Shoulder impingement with debilitating pain.  I could not lift my arm more than 45 degrees.

How long had you had this condition?

About 6 weeks progressively worsening.

What happened as a result of prayer?

Had been to the physiotherapist the day before and had some relief, 45 degrees improvement. I could lift my arm up to 90 degrees and given suggested exercises but also still feeling pain in my thumbs.

On 5th August during the worship time I was sitting down and I felt someone gently lay their hand on my left shoulder for about 3 mins – lovely warm feeling! I could hear a team member’s voice also.

When I checked my shoulder later that morning, miraculously I could lift the entire arm right up – 180 degrees (as if in praise) without any pain! Another 45 degrees healing. Praise the Lord. Just a slight memory of pain in the thumbs was left.