“No more TIA’s (Mini Strokes) since visiting the Healing Centre 5 months ago” June 2016

“No more TIA’s (Mini Strokes) since visiting the Healing Centre 5 months ago” June 2016


Glenna James


June 2016

What did you receive prayer for?

General wellbeing

Did you have a doctor’s diagnosis?

Heart failure

How long had you had this condition?

Several years

What happened as a result of prayer?

I am writing this on behalf of my mother, who is 90.  She was told a few years ago that she could not have a heart by-pass as she has arthritis and also it was quite a medical risk.  For the past 3 years she has been suffering with TIA’s, and could hardly leave the house.  If she had to go out for a hospital appointment she would have a TIA brought on by the effort of getting to the car.  She would have them in the house, even if she was sitting in the chair.  She was having about 5 a day, some days more.

When we came to the Healing Centre, for prayer, a lovely lady and gentleman prayed for my mother.  The gentleman didn’t know anything about the situation but he said to my mother that God had told him someone was going to get a new heart today.  Since that meeting, over 5 months ago, my mother has never had another TIA.  She wants to go out as much as she can now.  Even at 90.

My mother also has cataracts which at the time when she was having TIA’s they said she could not have the operation because it was too risky.  She is believing God and also had an encounter when she was in hospital when someone appeared to her in the middle of the night in a suit and looked straight into her eyes and said “Go to Him He will heal you”.  She has been coming to the Healing Centre and knows God is going to heal her eyes.

Last time we came to the Healing Centre the prayer team were praying for my mother’s eyes and she could see a little better but then it went back to being hazy.  She had the number 20 which we held on to as 20/20 vision. A lady came up to my mum and said God wants to give her strength in her legs.  My mother had water retention in her legs a while back which has now gone down and left her with very skinny legs and she needs to get used to walking about because she was weak. Since the meeting, which was two weeks ago, my mother has walked to the car, she is walking around at home and is getting more and more strength in her legs. Praise God. And thank the lovely lady who head God speak and acted on it.

It is amazing how God works. We just have to be obedient when He is speaking to us and present ourselves before Him. He knows what He is going to do. We never asked for prayer about the TIA’s. God had His plan set out before us. My mother strongly believes, and even though she is 90, she is still the very strong woman she has always been. Her faith in God has got stronger and stronger.

My mother actually asks to go to the Healing meetings and she wants to start coming to Church, now that she finds it easier to get out of the house.

Thank you Eastgate and the wonderful team. God bless you all.

Praise and Glory be to Jesus Christ. Amen.