“Full movement restored to my right hip!” May 2016

“Full movement restored to my right hip!” May 2016


Pat Griffiths


May 2016

What did you receive prayer for?

Arthritis in my hips and back, the right hip being the painful one with restricted movement

How long had you had this condition?

5 years

What happened as a result of prayer?

I am ecstatic to say that I have full movement restored to my right hip which was not there before.  The right leg was upto 1cm shorter than the left and it is now only very marginally shorter.  I have some soreness in the muscles but I take that to be due to the 5 years of accommodating this condition.  I am not taking the 4 daily doses of Paracetamol that I have been taking for the pain, even the soreness I now have is less than the pain with medication.  Praise God!!  God is so amazing and the whole experience was amazing!  I have shared this with my church this morning and passed your details to other people.