“Eastgate is part of my healing journey”, April 2016

“Eastgate is part of my healing journey”, April 2016


Margaret Jeeves


April 2016

What did you receive prayer for?

Breast Cancer with secondaries in lymph node, lung and bronchi

Did you have a doctor’s diagnosis?

Yes.  Breast cancer diagnosed in July 2014

How long had you had this condition?

15 months

What happened as a result of prayer?


After a routine breast scan that was clear in July 2014, a rapidly growing lump was confirmed as HER2+ve in December 2014.  Secondaries were detected in lymph node, lung, bronchi and later, possibly in the sternum.

Chemotherapy treatment using 3 drugs began in January 2015 and has continued at 3 weekly intervals with a nine week break in January/February 2016.  Daily radiotherapy treatment for 20 sessions took place during August and September 2015.

I have attended the Healing Centre at Eastgate on the following dates:

1st visit – 7th March 2015

I went for the fourth chemotherapy treatment session on 31st March and received the results of the further CT scan carried out the previous week.  The scan showed that the cancer in the breast had shrunk.  In fact it had shrunk so much that the Oncologist, Dr Andreas Makris, told me that he had asked for a second opinion on the Radiologist’s report.  He said that he could not tell if what he could feel in the lymph node was a remnant of the cancer or muscle.  Soon after the original biopsies were taken in December 2014, the cancer in the lymph node grew visibly into a large lump.

2nd vist – 16th May 2015 and 3rd visit – 4th July 2015

On 24th July I had an update on treatment and the results of the latest scan taken 4 weeks previously.  Generally the news was excellent.  The secondaries in the lungs and bronchi being clear.  There was some residual damage and movement in the breast which was then going to be treated with radiotherapy.  A slight change was detected for the first time in the bone marrow of the sternum.  This could not be identified as cancer at that stage but in any case was included in the radiotherapy regime.

4th visit – 1st August 2015

On 9th September I completed 20 days of radiotherapy treatment.  The radiotherapy was intense and aimed at just below the skin causing severe blistering.  Thankfully the skin started to recover quickly after treatment finished.

5th visit – 3rd October 2015

At the meeting with the Oncologist on 18th December it was confirmed that the original cancer was contained and stable and that treatment with the containment drugs would continue at 3 weekly intervals as at present.

6th visit – 6th February 2016 and 7th visit – 5th March 2016

Following radiotherapy, scans were needed over several months to determine the outcome of the treatment and to allow for the skin to heal.  In addition, the 3 weekly infusion of containment drugs had started to affect my heart.  After a 9 week break from the infusions the good news is that my heart is functioning well and progress has been made with combating the cancer.

At a consultation on 18th March, Dr Makris (Consultant Oncologist) stated that he could not be happier with the progress that has been made.

This is extremely encouraging, given that understandably, the best that the medics will commit to with this type of cancer is that without surgery, it can only be contained with life-long drug treatment.  Because I had secondaries, surgery is not considered an option.

So after 15 months of regular treatment I am getting back to an active life, the secondaries have been eradicated.  The original cancer has shrunk and is contained and my heart is recovering.  Add to this the facts that I did not lose my hair and people tell me that I continue to look a picture of health, you will start to understand how thankful we are.

In May we hope to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, something that seemed almost impossible to contemplate 15 months ago.

The prayer I receive at Eastgate is part of my healing journey.  Eastgate is a place that has helped to sustain me and where I experience the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

I am grateful for the love, care and dedication of the prayer teams at Eastgate.

All medical treatment has been under the direction of Dr Andreas Makris, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Mount Vernon Breast Cancer Research Unit.  Heart scans have been carried out at Harefield Hospital.  The level of medical care and treatment has been exemplary throughout