Cancer Gone, April 2016

Cancer Gone, April 2016


April 2016

What did you receive prayer for?

Bone cancer

Did you have a doctor’s diagnosis?

Yes.  Previously had breast cancer, now gone to the bone

How severe was the injury, sickness or disability?

Pain in leg and pelvis.  Had chemotherapy and radiotherapy

How long had you had this condition?

6 months

What happened as a result of prayer?

I had intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy, having had breast cancer first in 2000 and then it came back in 2007, also with chemotherapy and radiotherapy so to have it return last year in one place on my pelvis was a shock.  I have had prayer from my church and family and friends then visited the Healing Centre twice earlier this year.

When I saw my consultant a few weeks ago he told me the cancer had gone and I was back in remission!

I thank God for his amazing goodness to me and thank you too for your prayers for me.  God is so good!