Healing Centre

Healing Centre

Jesus already paid for your healing. We’re just here to help you receive it.

When Jesus walked the earth, every person He ministered to was healed. And He gave His followers authority to do the same. It’s always the heart of the Father to see people set free from physical pain, illness and suffering.

That’s why over 80 people from 16 churches get together every Saturday  for the Healing Centre – they do it to see the hundreds of people who come encounter the Healer and receive a miracle in their body.

We’ve seen cancers dramatically healed, sciatica healed, fingers straightened, heart defects healed, RSI healed, and many, many more.

Where and when?

Eastgate every Saturday between 10am and 12 noon. Try to arrive by 11:15 in order to benefit from the whole experience.

The Healing Centre is primarily a physical healing ministry. If you have a need of emotional or inner healing please see the Transformation Centre.