ESSL Testimonies

ESSL Testimonies

If you want to know what ESSL can do for you, why not have a look at these testimonies from our students.

ESSL has changed my life. I have had life breathed back into me, discovered the freedom to be me and begun to explore who God has made me to really be. I have been equipped with the confidence to be naturally evangelistic, prophetic and supernatural without fear and with oodles of joy.

Being on Zoom has been a complete gift. It has enabled us to find ways of connecting with God corporately that we would never have known otherwise. We have experienced new depths of encounter and intimacy that have been precious.

– Nic

Doing ESSL gave me confidence in hearing from God for people. I now regularly receive words of knowledge that lead people into an encounter with God’s love and healing.

We became close to each other through the Zoom experience. Connect Groups worked really well on Zoom; I regularly received impartation which deepened my intimacy with God and breakout rooms helped me to develop my spiritual gifts.

– John

ESSL has helped me to understand my spiritual identity and who I am in God. I have gained a greater understanding of the authority we have and the heavenly resources we have access to.

– Marc

For me ESSL has completely changed the landscape of my relationship with God. The variety of ways in which I can and do hear from Him, the richness of intimacy that I can experience with Him.

Meeting with ESSL online, I have been so excited to find that I would get impressions, pictures and encounters, experiencing Him in ways that became more uninhibited and colourful. I found online liberating in ways I hadn’t expected at all. I can’t recommend being online with ESSL enough!

– Tanya

The impact of being in the Dayschool environment full of the presence of God and sharing at a deep level with the guys I was walking with was so profound. It healed and shaped me and continues to bless me.

– John B