ESSL Staff and Speakers

ESSL Staff and Speakers

Our School Staff

The Staff team of the School is diverse and dynamic! All staff are gifted and passionate about their area of School life. Teaching at the School is delivered by Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. A large number of support staff and also Third Year Dayschool students assist the regular staff team in the running of the school.


Kim Carter

Kim is the Head of ESSL. Her vision is to see each student grow into the fullness of all that God has for them. Her passion is to enable others to encounter the Holy Spirit as they read and enjoy God’s word. Her sessions are an invitation for “Adventures with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word”.



Pete Carter

Pete loves using his apostolic gift to help create atmospheres where God’s presence and power are manifest. Each week students encounter God together, and from this basis, Pete teaches how to create the culture of Heaven on Earth. Expect miracles, healing, awesome encounters, overflowing joy and peace as your faith grows to become naturally supernatural.


Irene Nlandu

Since a young age, Irene has had a powerful prophetic gifting and ability to see in the unseen. She loves to see others flowing in their own prophetic gifts and released into the fulness of who God created them to be.



David Webster

David has a passion for preaching and teaching in the power of the Holy Spirit. He teaches interactively with the Word, the Spirit and his listeners as his focus. He majors on building good theological thinking through teaching on identity, biblical doctrine and the Kingdom of God.



Dave Carter

Dave’s passion is to see people grow in their confidence in God and to encounter Him powerfully through scripture. Teaching through themes that examine who God is, who we are and how we interact with one another. Sessions on speaking in tongues and apologetics are thrown in for good measure!



Donna King

Donna has a pastor’s heart. She teaches on personal freedom and intimacy with God, and how renewing our thinking in these areas impacts our connection and relationship with others. Her passion is for people to grow in confidence and faith-filled risk-taking as they develop a deeper understanding of God’s love.



Ross Hardy

Ross is passionate about listening to the voice of God and walking in the depths of His presence and power. With his apostolic/prophetic gift mix, he loves to cheer on and equip people on the journey to living out their unique identity in Christ as they learn to increasingly say and do what the Father is saying and doing. Ross co-leads ESSL Online as well as teaching in Dayschool.



Janice Pleasants

Janice is passionate about intimacy with God and living out what it really means to have Christ living in us. From that place of intimacy flows a love and compassion for the lost and hurting. Janice regularly sees healing miracles and salvations during her everyday life as God reveals His heart for people. She loves to equip people to encounter God, hear His voice, and heal the sick, all from a place of intimacy and rest. Janice co-leads ESSL Online and teaches in Dayschool.


Mark and Fiona Gilpin

Mark and Fiona are passionate evangelists whose mission is to partner with God in His dream to reach the world. Mark loves to show how easy evangelism becomes when we understand how to partner with God as His children, and Fiona loves to enable people to enjoy evangelism. Between them, they equip people to recognise the inhibiting mindsets they have about evangelism, shake off their fears and cross their chicken lines into confidently sharing their faith.


Karen Wellspring

Karen has an enormous heart of hospitality and creativity. She is gifted in creating beautiful spaces and leads some highly interactive encounter/worship sessions in ESSL Dayschool. She also helps equip and support the ESSL Dayschool 3rd year/support team.



Sarah Von Fraunhofer

Sarah lives for intimacy with God. She is skilled at leading people into greater intimacy with God, drawing on the rich variety of spiritual practices and experiences from many different streams of the church throughout the centuries.



Rachel Cummings

Rachel has an authentic pastoral gift for supporting people. She offers a listening ear for any of our students wanting support as they process school life, and she also oversees our ESSL Dayschool connect groups.



Andy Collins

Andy also has a strong pastoral gift and alongside Rachel offers support, encouragement and a listening ear to any of our students in ESSL Dayschool. He also provides encouragement within the ESSL Dayschool connect groups.



Elaine Roles

Elaine has a powerful administrative gift, which she uses to assist with the practical organisation of ESSL. She supports the staff and communicates with our students to ensure the schools runs smoothly and gloriously!