ESSL Dayschool Course Content

ESSL Dayschool Course Content

The whole of the ESSL Dayschool experience is built around a transformative journey with Holy Spirit.


Each school day begins with sharing good news. These times give us opportunity to celebrate the incredible things God has been doing in and through us, and to give Him thanks. We then flow into an extended time of Sprit led worship.  These times may differ every week but are always incredible times of encounter in God’s presence. Our students regularly share about times of miraculous transformation that happen as we worship God, and He delights to pour out His love upon us.

After our time of worship, the school separates into year groups. The rest of the day is made up of a blend of different “streams”, activation sessions and connect groups. For example:

Creating a Heavenly Environment

This is our Apostolic Stream. During the year you will go on an adventure of discovery and faith, as you explore the depths of God’s love and power whilst discovering more of His very nature, and what the Kingdom of God looks like in practical reality.

Revelatory Gifts

The Revelatory Gifts stream mixes teaching and practical activation to give you the opportunity to learn about the different ways God speaks, and then to discover how you can personally connect with Holy Spirit in any situation to hear what He is saying!

Kingdom Foundations

Within the Teaching stream you will explore the realities of the Kingdom of God, the nature of God, your identity as a child of God, and the practicalities of living out a Heavenly culture.


The Evangelism Stream introduces us into an encounter with God’s dream to reach the world with the good news of the Kingdom. Through teaching and activation you will learn to effectively reach the world around you in your own unique way.

Enjoying God’s Word (Year 1)

Enjoying God’s Word is an interactive, presence centred exploration of the Bible, linked to the Bible reading programme. The bible reading programme will take you through the historical storyline of the bible, and the sessions and assignments will help you engage experientially and intellectually with the Word of God.