Our school staff

Our school staff

Our School Staff

The Staff team of the daytime school is diverse and dynamic! All staff are gifted and passionate about their area of School life. Teaching at the School is delivered by Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. A large number of support staff and also Third Year students assist the regular staff team in the running of the school.

Vicky Schulz

Vicky Schulz is graduate of the very first Day School cohort, Vicky has a prophetic gifting, and teaches both year groups on how to connect to Holy Spirit, to hear what He is saying.



Kim Carter

Kim Carter is Co-Founder and Head of ESSL, and a Director of Eastgate. A true lover of God’s Word, Kim has developed and teaches the “Enjoying God’s Word” program to the 1st years, and “Destined for Destiny” program to the 2nd years.



Pete Carter

Pete Carter is Co-Founder and Director of ESSL, and a Director of Eastgate. He provides leadership vision, strategy, faith and inspiration to Eastgate, and teaches both 1st and 2nd years on how to create a heavenly environment.



David Webster

David Webster is Co-Founder and Director of ESSL, and a Director of Eastgate, responsible for teaching, training and evangelism. He teaches 1st and 2nd years in the Kingdom Foundations stream.




Fiona Gilpin

Fiona Gilpin is a natural evangelist, and loves to encourage students to cross their “chicken line” and express God’s love to people in Love Gravesend and beyond.




Sarah Von Fraunhofer

Sarah Von Fraunhofer is training as a destiny coach and works with Kim and the 2nd years as they explore their dreams and destiny.




Karen Wellspring

Karen Wellspring has a heart of hospitality, and oversees the hosting of the various meals and social events that run in school. She is gifted in creating beautiful spaces and leads encounter sessions within the worship sessions.



Rob Schulz

Rob Schulz is hosting the ‘Heaven in the Workplace’ module in Year 2 and is also developing the Alumni of ESSL. He is an entrepreneur who is passionate about people taking the Kingdom of God wherever they live or work.