Social Prescribing Workshop

Social Prescribing Workshop

Social Prescribing Workshop:
Supporting Healthcare with Kingdom Resources


Saturday 20th November – 9.30 to 16.00


God is mobilising his people for an amazing expression of his love, goodness, wisdom and power to be demonstrated in the arena of healthcare. What is more, healthcare providers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of co-working with their communities for the overall wellbeing of people. This arena is called Social Prescribing, and it is something that Christians and churches can easily engage with through both their existing activities and new projects. We have been learning lessons through the pandemic and we want to enter into what is being termed the ‘Covid-19 Legacy’.

Heaven in Healthcare is holding a one day workshop about this topic for anyone who is interested, which will take place on Saturday 20 November 09:30 – 16.00 at Eastgate.

The content of the workshop will suit individuals and teams; those simply exploring the idea, and those with some existing knowledge or practice.

The cost for the day will be £10 per person. Lunch is not included, but you can either bring your own or order from Eastgate Coffeeshop.

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