Recognising and Developing Apostles

Recognising and Developing Apostles

Recognising and Developing Apostles

28th April 2022


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This day will be relevant to any Christian who is seeking to see more of heaven expressed on earth. The New Testament teaches us of the foundational importance of apostles within the church and of their interaction with people with other spiritual gifts and callings such as prophets and teachers. The Bible talks about apostles other than just the original 12 disciples and this gift from Jesus to his church is still vitally important to enable the fullness of Jesus to be developed within the church.

Bearing in mind the importance of the gift of apostles how do we recognise them and what do they do? On this training day we will tackle such issues as:

  • The meaning of the word apostle
  • The Biblical marks of an apostle
  • Apostles as part of a team with other gifts
  • Are apostles always leaders?
  • Apostles from a prophet’s perspective
  • Apostles as catalysts of heaven’s activity
  • Apostles develop apostolic people and cultures
  • Being an apostle in everyday life – apostles are normal people
  • How can you recognise young apostles?

Q&A will be throughout the day as the day will be interactive.

Also included in the day will be worship and an impartation session to release apostolic anointing.

Speakers for the day will include:

Pete Carter

Director of Eastgate and Leader of the Apostles Hub at Eastgate

Joaquin Evans

Senior Leader of Bethel Texas, previously director of Bethel Healing Rooms and Leader of Bethel Activation Ministries.

Phil Wilthew

Elder at Kings Arms Church Bedford and leader of their Prophetic teams and development.


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