Heaven in Healthcare 2022 Terms and Conditions

Heaven in Healthcare 2022 Terms and Conditions

1. Places must be paid for in full – deposits or reservations cannot be accepted.

2. Payment will be accepted by credit/debit card via the online booking facility. Do not send cash or credit card details in the post.

3. We are unable to give refunds for cancellations.

4. Bookings are not transferable.

5. In the unlikely event of an incident that causes the course to be cancelled refunds will be given. Refunds for Covid related reasons will be given.

6. Accommodation is not included in the booking fee.

7. No facilities are provided for children or childcare. This event is not suitable for children (including toddlers and nursing babies) and delegates bringing children to the event will be refused entry.

8. Entrance to the course will be by printed or electronic copy of the tickets attached to the booking confirmation email.

9. Photography, filming or recording of any part of the event is not permitted. We may photograph and film the event for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is possible that you may appear in photographs and video and these may be used online.

10. We don’t expect Covid-19 to significantly affect the event but we will expect people to comply with any Covid related guidance that may be in place at the time.