Heaven in Healthcare 2018 – Flesh on the Bones

Heaven in Healthcare 2018 – Flesh on the Bones

Imagine Jesus as a hospital porter, or a GP or a nurse. What would happen? Welcome to the world of Heaven in Healthcare, where anything is possible.

The dream is starting to become a reality. Heaven is invading healthcare in so many different ways across the UK and other countries. Connections are being made and a network of friendships is starting to form. Hope is stirring even more, plans are forming and people are finding and supporting each other. We have some amazing stories from A&E departments, various hospital departments are requesting Christian training in wellbeing and resilience, we are looking at new models of health provision in the community, we have also started support groups in locality settings, both in the UK and abroad.

At this conference we will celebrate what has already been achieved and move on further to build on that.

Paul Manwaring

Paul Manwaring will be with us, talking about his passion to break down any secular sacred divide and celebrate those who work in healthcare.



Photo of Pete CarterPete Carter

Pete Carter and other speakers from Eastgate will be looking at how to be flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the workplace, sharing on the subject of resilience, and exploring new models of health provision in the community.

We will have a guest speaker, who has held a very influential position in government. He will be talking about “Building culture in a public service”.

We will also look at the role of Hospital Chaplains as one of the gateways to holistic care within hospitals.

We aim to encourage you, stimulate you, build your faith and release your dreams.


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