Developing a Leadership Culture with Danny Silk

Developing a Leadership Culture with Danny Silk

Developing a Leadership Culture


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In this day’s conference, Danny will share some of the tools he has developed over the past 20 years in order to help you build a culture of powerful leaders.

He will share keys on how to:

  • Influence a culture through authenticity
  • Build a trusting connection with your team
  • Learn how to benefit from successful confrontation
  • Empower your team to be powerful
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback

Every leader understands that a healthy, thriving culture is one of their greatest assets. And yet it is one of the most challenging components of leadership. How do we build a place where our teams thrive while we are successful in our mission? What makes a healthy culture? How do we get new people on board our culture quickly and effectively? These are some of the answers we will explore together.

We will start the day with a time of worship, then Danny Silk will share for most of the day, he will be joined by Pete Carter, one of the directors of Eastgate for a session of questions and answers. Tickets are £40 for the day.


Danny Silk is an author and speaker with more than 20 years experience in leadership.

Before co-founding Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities world wide, he was part of the senior leadership of Bethel Church in Redding, and Jesus Culture in Sacramento, California.

His latest books include Unpunishable and The Business of Honour (with Bob Hasson).

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