Believing God’s Call (Laura Mtungwazi)

Believing God’s Call (Laura Mtungwazi)

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Sunday Evening 7th February 2016


Laura Mtungwazi


Luke 1, 1 Peter 2:3


Laura looks at how we can learn from the faith of Mary the mother of Jesus and how she believed God’s call on her life.

Taking a glimpse into Mary’s life, we see that despite her circumstances God chose her for a great purpose. Taken on a journey from ‘maiden to motherhood’ she chooses to believe in the impossible and God gives her divine favour. Divine favour is available for all, and we can grow in favour when we steward the gifts he has already placed in our hands. Right now God is showing us his perspective on this community. He is delighting over us as we step into our callings. No matter how insignificant the steps and no matter how far we have walked, he is cheer-leading us on to be vessels of His love and power.

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