That was the year that was

That was the year that was

That Was the Year that Was

by Dave Carter
21st December 2020

Well, there we go. As 2020 draws to a close, I’m sure you’ll join me in looking back over the year and thinking…. what was that?!

We’ve never had a year like it. Many of us will be happy to see the back of it. Yet I also think it’s important to celebrate some of the events that have brightened this year, people who have inspired us and things that have made us laugh. May I take the time to bring a few highlights that I think are worth remembering:

Celebrating Eastgate

Eastgate is a wonderful church made up of amazing people. I have counted it an absolute privilege to be part of this community, whether it’s seeing people in person or online. Much love to all of you wonderful saints. Particular shout outs from me go to:

Our youth group

You guys are hilarious, joyful and godly. Seeing you on Zoom genuinely brightened my week many times.

Connect group leaders

You’ve stepped up, adapted, supported and loved people. Legends, one and all.

DESSL team and students

You’ve maintained an atmosphere of faith, expectation and fun whether in person or online. I would recommend signing up for next year to anyone.

There are many more I could list. Once again, to all of the Eastgate family – thank you for being faithful and faith-filled.

Celebrating things elsewhere

I’ve picked just a few things that have meant something to me personally this year:

Support for the NHS

As a GP, the thanks that the NHS has received has genuinely lifted my spirits. From the Thursday evening applause to Captain Tom’s fundraising, notes of thanks or just kind words. It all helps.

Schools re-opening

Man did we miss you! After 2 days of home-schooling I thought educating children was fun and easy. After a few weeks, I realised that this is quite a skilled job. After a few months I started to question my own sanity. Makes you realise quite how much we appreciate our teachers and school staff.

Craft beer home-delivery service

Where has this been all my life? Joining a good friend on Zoom for a shared beer is a welcome piece of normality.

My 2020 awards

All categories made up by me and decided on the basis of what I can remember at this stage in the year.

Worship song of the year

Graves into gardens from Elevation Worship. Brings hope, loves Jesus. Good song.

Secular song of the year

You make my dreams come true by Hall and Oates. It’s old, cheesy but wonderful. Put it on and dance round your kitchen. You know you want to.

Best book I’ve read that makes me sound like a sophisticated theologian

Michael Wilcock’s commentary on Revelation from the Bible Speaks Today series. Accessible and sensible approach to a challenging part of scripture.

Best book that I would recommend to everyone

We need to talk about race by Ben Lindsay. Credit to Irene Nlandu for bringing this book to my attention. It’s honest, clear, well-written and thought-provoking. An important step in what needs to be an ongoing conversation.

Funniest Instagram feed

@epicchristianmemes – you guys make me laugh and I’ve needed that this year.

Best TV show

The Mandalorian. No other show has come close this year. As a committed Star Wars fan, this has meant a lot.

Best 2020 Christmas cracker joke

Who dresses in red and gives to the children this Christmas? Marcus Rashford


I hope you all have a good Christmas, or if you’re reading this in January – Happy New Year!