That was the year that was: 2021

That was the year that was: 2021

That was the year that was: 2021

by Dave Carter
4th January 2022

Well there we go, another year has flown by. Or at times crawled. Occasionally it staggered, once or twice it fell down, but in the end 2021 got back on its feet and has made its way over the finish line.

However your year was, well done for completing it! And if you’re still following Jesus and loving people, call it a success.

I tend to reflect on the year as it comes to an end, and find things to remember and to celebrate. Here are my highlights from last year:

Celebrating Eastgate

There are so many things I could pick that are worth celebrating about our church, I love being a part of this family of believers. A few things particularly brought me joy:


We hadn’t done this in a while, and celebrating with friends taking the step to get baptised felt like such a privilege. A great time, spiritually significant and really joyful.

Celebrating Easter together

Some of us were able to worship together in the building for the first time, others joined online. Having the chance to be in the same place to worship Jesus after a long
time apart was pretty special.

Eastgate summer fair and Christmas fair

It was great to be able to do something really fun for the church and the local area. It’s really positive to see the Springhead community developing and to be part of that.

Youth group weekend away

Having persevered on Zoom for a lot of 2020, it was amazing to give our young people the chance to be away together in 2021. Campfires, worshipping together and rock climbing, it was a great time.

My 2021 awards

Awards decided by a committee of one, and details may be wildly inaccurate.

Favourite worship song of the year

Battle belongs by Phil Wickham. Great anthem, worshipful, humble yet defiant (in a good way).

Old-school secular song of the year

Walk of Life by Dire Straits. Mainly because my kids mis-heard it as Wok of Lies, which would probably be more fun.

Activity that, in hindsight, was not time well spent

Attempting to teach our guinea pigs to enjoy the music of Dire Straits. (Turns out they prefer Eric Clapton).

Best new book

Embodied by Preston Sprinkle. A compassionate, thorough and thought provoking look at transgender identities, the church and what the bible has to say about it. One of the most engaging books I’ve read in years.

Best old book

The End Times by John Hosier. Found this classic in our local Oxfam. In a year when crazy apocalyptic theories abound, a sane, biblical and accessible book about the end times has been very helpful. Out of print but you can get it second-hand through the mass online retailer of your choice.

Essential social media

Sesame Street and The Muppets on Instagram. All things Henson are intrinsically great, and the silliness and positivity from these posts is a much-needed boost. Plus, when Big Bird posted about getting his vaccine it was funny to see a bunch of antivax lunatics lose their minds…

Best TV show

Taskmaster. Greg Davies and Alex Horne get celebrities to do silly things. It’s like youth games but with a much bigger budget.

Sporting moment of the year

Chelsea winning the champions league. Had to get this in somewhere.

Happy New Year to you all, here’s to some more highlights in 2022!