Vision and Values

Vision and Values

We love to Jesus and want to get to know him better and we get to grow in our relationship with him. We have also received the Holy Spirit which helps us to encounter God, in all His fullness. When you become a Christian, He joins you and doesn’t leave. With Holy Spirit we get to go on all sorts of adventures, we expect miracles, we expect lives to be changed, we expect villages, towns, cities and nations to be transformed!


Young people are not just “the future” of the Church, they are an integral part of it, and we want every individual to know the value of what they bring to the youth group as well as the wider Eastgate family.


Worship is an individual and group expression of our love for God, this can take place in many different ways, we can use music, art, movement, technology and more.

The Bible

God’s word in written form, it brings truth, light and life into our lives. We use it not only for guidance but to get know God better through it.


We do not limit Christian life to the four walls of the Church, we look for opportunities to get out in the community around us, bringing the love of God to those that have yet to experience it.


We have an amazing group of leaders who through training and their own experiences are able to offer support and guidance to young people who are facing challenges, whether it’s school, family, relationships, health related, whatever it may be, young people (and parents) are not on their own.

You can also look at our support page for other agencies, locally and nationally offering activities and help for young people.

We look forward to seeing you!