Monthly Events

Monthly Events

Sunday Sessions

On a Sunday, the youth group joins the main meeting for 30 mintues of worship, then has it’s own meeting for the rest of the morning. We meet in two age groups- 11-14’s and 15-18’s.

These are fun, relaxed groups that aim to connect young people with God and each other. A typical Sunday morning involves games, bible study, prayer, biscuits and enjoying God’s presence. We seek to give our young people regular opportunity to move in spiritual gifts and enjoy the supernatural goodness of God.


Social Nights

This is a social event that runs from 7.30 – 9.30pm on the second Friday of every month, at Eastgate. It’s a good opportunity for you to come along and to bring your friends. Activities will include table-tennis, pool table, tuck shop, games consoles, milkshake bar and group games.

Come and enjoy this great evening of relaxing and unwinding after a long week of school.


Worship Nights

On the fourth Friday of every month we have a worship night at Eastgate, that runs from 7.30 – 9.30pm. During this time our aim is to draw closer to God with worship led by our youth band.

We would also love and encourage you to worship in different ways meaning we will always have opportunities for you to engage with God in new and creative ways. Some of the things included might be drawing, painting, writing, craft work, food or prophesying.

Feel free to join us and take part in this safe and loving place.