Children at Eastgate

Children at Eastgate

We’re raising a generation of powerful young people who know the voice of God, know who they are and are ready to make history.

Each Sunday we invite children to encounter the God they were created to know through testimonies, fun activities, worship and practical ways for them to explore their relationship with Him.

World Changers currently has 4 groups each Sunday. Before each morning meeting we have 20 mins of corporate worship together with the church family before the children go to their groups.

Registration and group times

Children need to be registered before going to their groups. Registration takes place before the main meetings start.

Meeting Registration Group times
First Meeting 8.30 – 9.05am 9.20 – 10.30am
Second Meeting 11.00 – 11.35am 11.50 – 1.00pm


The children’s groups are