I took the Gap year because I wasn’t sure if University for me and I was massively put off by costs and felt that I hadn’t done enough time exploring other options. Also, I was talking to God about what he wanted me to do next year.

When considering what I would do for my next year I asked God if there is anything, he would like me to do. Sometimes the way God speaks to me is he says a small amount to me and will tell me more as time goes on. So, when I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said he wanted me to take a gap year. So, then I asked where he might want to do and where I might do it. No response. This was on a Wednesday. So, I started to look around at some of the options that are around. With loads of options around I went to God, “okay, in this next week can you provide me with an option for next year”. Then on that following Sunday my youth leader came up to me and said, “we are thinking about running a gap year here would you be interested in doing it?”. I was excited, such a God moment. That was something I know that God really had his hand in. So, I defered my university place to allow me to do this gap year.

For this year we get to do the daytime school as well as our two days volunteering. School has been an amazing experience this year and I have learnt so much. I have really discovered more about who I am and what I carry. I have grown so much in my relationship and connection with God. And now I am surer of my calling, my destiny and my purpose. It’s something I would recommend, the worship, the teaching, the outreach and the whole experience.

On our two days volunteering, it’s a really great environment to work in, really fun place to work and they will keep you busy. You have some great colleagues and mentors for your year and everyone wants you to succeed and have a great year.

Some of my best parts of the year have been getting to know and work with the other staff but also with the other GAP year students. It has been such a good year with so much fun and something I really could not recommend enough. Whether you’re debating university, apprenticeships or something else or you just want a year off from education then this is a really great option I recommend considering. It genuinely will change your life! 😊