I took the GAP year because I wanted a year to discover more about myself and as someone who had been going to Eastgate already, I knew it was a comfortable and safe environment to grow in myself as a person.

It was a step of faith for me taking part in this GAP year but I’m so incredibly grateful that I took this opportunity because the amount of blessings that have came my way, the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met inside and outside Eastgate while I’ve been on my GAP year have been amazing. I just know this was Gods way of showing me he’s looking out for me and he appreciated the step of faith I took. I can actually say for sure that this has been one of the best years of my life.


My favourite thing about the GAP year has been the people and the community. Like I mentioned already, Eastgate is such a safe environment to grow in yourself. I’ve even been given the great privilege of being mentored by people who have lot’s of experience in the particular field I want to go into after I finish the GAP year at Eastgate, which is media. It’s also been great to witness the growth of Eastgate Media while I’ve been here and it’s been a privilege to be apart of it. I am certainly looking forward to seeing where it goes within the next few years.


I am a part of the media team at Eastgate. I’m in usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and even other days when I’m offered to come in and help with certain film shoots. My role in the Media Team is predominately within the editing process of a lot of our videos. The video announcements for the Eastgate Sunday Services take up most of my time, which I shoot with the help of some of the other members of the Eastgate Media Team and edit myself. I’m also going to get involved with the Heaven in Health Care show that is currently in the works by the Eastgate Media team.


ESSL has been an amazing experience. First of all I’ll start by saying that the community there is amazing. It’s going to be truly sad to say good bye to everyone at the end of the year because we really are like a big family and the internal support there is so great.

The teachings I’ve received though throughout this year have been incredible. I really believe, that this is what I needed before heading out into the next step of my life (which is University for me). I’ve discovered so much more about my identity and built even more of a relationship with God, which was one of my main intentions before I started this GAP year. Now I can take this and apply it to the rest of my life.

The school really is a mad place but in a good way. You will be amazed by the crazy testimonies of healing and grace that you will you hear week in and out and even potentially witness first hand.