Peritoneal cancer healed

Peritoneal cancer healed

What did you receive prayer for?
I brought my mother in with peritoneal cancer

Did you have a doctor’s diagnosis?

If so, what was it?
Peritoneal cancer stage 4

How long had you had this condition?
Diagnosed September 2014

What happened as a result of prayer?
Mum had had 6 chemotherapy sessions since September and the multiple lesions in the peritoneum had been reduced by 50%. Many people have been praying and mum and dad have felt God’s love carrying them through, and his healing. Several key people felt God would heal mum fully. I felt God say “bring her to the healing centre” so we came on 3rd January.

She had a scan the following week which showed reduction of lesions then two more chemotherapy sessions then another scan showing considerable reduction. She was booked for surgery to remove the remaining cancer.

On Tuesday 13th January, just 10 days after attending the Healing Centre, when they opened her up there was no more cancer, the other 50% had all gone. They examined every organ and removed the greater omentum in case there were still cancer cells not visible to the naked eye. There was scarring and evidence of cancer having been there but none left to remove.

The operation was expected to take 4 hours with two surgeons, one for the bowel and one for the peritoneum. This time was not needed. Every organ was healthy and there was no disease left in the peritoneum. The adhesions they had been concerned about were also considerably better than anticipated.

I was able to question the surgeon myself and so can pass this on to you.

Fiona Wellington