Healed stomach and a changed life

Healed stomach and a changed life

This is a testimony that came from the Dreaming with God Conference that NKCC ran in June 2012. It is shared with Jamie’s permission. Enjoy!

Dear whom this may concern

My my name is Jamie and I wanted to write to you and thank you so much for hosting the Dreaming with God conference. It has literally changed my life. I came on my own (scary for a 21 year old girl) but people were so welcoming and friendly that this stopped being a problem pretty quickly.

I am writing, though, to share a testimony with you from the day. A few years ago I had an eating disorder for 4 years which God healed me of – woop! The effects however still remained. I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gastritis which meant I could suffer terrible pain and at worst just throw up green bile. Before the conference however God was really starting to move all over it. There was lots of prayer for it that I simply didn’t initiate.

Then the Saturday evening happened which was amazing. One of your preachers got up and did a call out for healing. Thing is I didn’t put my hand up because I thought it was ok. Then as the preacher started praying my stomach got incredibly hot and God’s presence was so thick! The next thing I knew all the pain was gone and I heard God say ‘there will be no more!’ amazing! God is so kind! Since then I have had no pain, I’ve been able to feel hungry and I’ve actually started to enjoy eating! Wholeness is starting to happen spiritually, emotionally and physically! He is just amazing. A little touch from daddy literally changes a life!

So thankyou so much! You have changed/changing my life and I just hope others have as great or greater stories to tell from the day!

Love Daddy’s little girl!


Jamie Dalgliesh