Cancerous bowel ulcers disappear

Cancerous bowel ulcers disappear

Last November, I had an operation to remove part of my upper bowel as I had a 1st stage cancerous ulcer. This was successful and I was told to have a check up in 18 months.

In June this year, I was referred to have an operation for haemoroids as this was causing me to be anaemic. During the operation I had a colonoscopy so they could check everything was ok after last year’s problems. The next day I was told that more ulcers had been seen, so I would have to come in for another colonoscopy and biopsies would need to be done.

On the 27th September, I went into hospital and during the procedure the doctor said “I will not have to see you for 5 years”. Being sedated, I thought I had misheard but afterwards the nurse read the report to me and confirmed that no ulcers had been found – so no biopsies were taken! Yet 10 weeks before ulcers were seen.

I praise and thank God for my healing and thank my dear home group and church family for their love and prayers.

I had to see my consultant 2 weeks ago and he confirmed that all is well and indeed I do not have to go back for 5 years. Alleluia.

Moira Dudney