Breast cancer healed

Breast cancer healed

It has been about a year and a half since I went to the Healing School in Tunbridge Wells, UK.

I was invited by a lady from my church in Brighton. She thought it would be a great idea to get to the conference and offered to arrange my transport. I sure was in need of healing.

Eight months before coming to the Healing School I found out that I had cancer again for the second time. God healed me back in 2005 from locally advanced breast cancer and after 9 years clear, I was told that the cancer had returned just under my collar bone. Words cannot describe how I felt about that news. I had only been married 7 months when the doctors told me that the cancer had returned! And worst of all I was 5 months pregnant. How the devil tries to steal and destroy lives!

As the story goes, I delivered a beautiful baby girl (Glory to God) and days after started dreadful chemotherapy with a new born baby … not the expected joy of motherhood I had anticipated. I was exhausted and needed God to help me.

After chemotherapy I was rescanned a number of times and I got the disappointing news that the tumour was still there, it was bulky and dense and it was a complicated case, there was no one in Sussex that could perform an operation on the tumour. I was told that I was going to be referred to one of London’s best hospitals to see a top thoracic surgeon who “may” be able to help. I met with this guy who made no promises, he said it was a complete gamble but he was willing to do the 12 hour surgery to remove part of my rib cage and build it back with titanium and steel mesh. The specialists all agreed that it would be hugely disfiguring and require major plastic surgery.

Nonetheless, I agreed and everything was set in motion – my surgery was booked for the end of November 2013 and as God would have it I attended the Healing School in October 2013. How wonderful it was to hear so many testimonies of God’s love to heal the sick. I just wanted God to do the same for me. I remember someone sharing a healing story about someone whose cancer turned to jelly. I wanted that.

On the last day of the conference I came forward for prayer and met Ahab and he prayed for me. It was a real short prayer and I remember thinking… Is that it???

A few days after the conference my oncologist booked me in for another MRI and CT scan this was to make sure that the tumour by my collar bone and chest area hadn’t spread further to other parts of my body like my brain or lungs.

The scans could not find ANY cancer at all!

Amazing news …. but my doctors all wanted to go ahead with the extensive surgery because they said that they could still “feel” the tumour. So at the end of November 2013 I was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in London and some of the UK’s finest all prepared for surgery. It was booked very early as they expected to operate for half of a day.

But God thought differently, the surgery took about 40 mins! They opened me up and they saw a tiny shell of the tumour floating in a jelly like substance. It had basically dissolved. Glory to God. Many friends and all of my church family had been praying for this as well. But I really want to thank everyone from the conference. When I was prayed for at the conference I physically felt the tumour ripple. I felt as though it was physically being dissolved. I knew instantly that God had done something. God heals that is simply who He is.

Melanie Marbare