‘Bendy back’!

‘Bendy back’!

Here is my testimony of God’s healing presence at the conference:

In 1976 I had 2 discs removed in my lumbar spine. In those days this was done by a laminectomy operation, and the resultant formation of scar tissue subsequently led to the fusion of the vertebrae. Over recent years I have noticed a significantly increasing stiffness.

I should also say that I have known many occasions of refreshing healing from the Lord at times when I have been in pain….. what a blessing these have been over the years !

So, when Bill Johnson made rather a precise announcement about missing discs and fused spine, the description fitted perfectly. Although I must say I wasn’t particularly concerned about my condition, and haven’t had much pain recently – but how could I ignore such a precise call ?

The result ? ……

After the people around me prayed, my act of faith was to bend down and touch my toes, something which would so obviously be a test (I do have to say, that as an ex-physio, I was reluctant to do this, aware that our human bodies are not made for such extreme movements on a regular basis). Anyway, I touched the floor with my fingertips (and came up again) and I can also freely twist and turn. I keep telling everyone that I’m all ‘bendy’ – it actually feels very strange! I now realise how stiff I had actually become. Isn’t God good !! … and He’s so very clever !

May others be blessed by the words of this testimony.

Hilary Ferns