Ankle healed and a new injection of LIFE

Ankle healed and a new injection of LIFE

Thank you so much for the Healing School last Thursday and Friday. What a great time of refreshing in the Lord.

Last June I broke my left ankle and my foot was still in the process of recovering its normal use and strength, when 2 weeks ago I was afflicted with a new problem in the same foot – diagnosed as a growth on one of the nerves, which set me right back into limping and swelling again, the pain being greater than I had experienced from the fracture.

Before attending your conference, I declared that I was not going to still have this condition by the end of it. During Thursday, it was uncomfortable and swollen. By Friday morning it was much more comfortable. Friday pm there was a word of knowledge about painful left feet, so I stood up. On moving and wiggling my toes, I found there was no pain from the new condition, but also my foot felt generally stronger.

Yesterday I told my story to my physiotherapist, who is so pleased with my progress that she is ready to sign me off next week if it remains the same. This morning, I put on some lively praise music and did something I haven’t been able to do for many months – I danced all round my kitchen! Then I met with the friend I had attended the conference with, and we had a glorious time in the Lord’s presence – a new thing for us. This afternoon I went for a walk.

Since last week I have received a new injection of LIFE in all its fullness, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. What amazing grace! What an amazing God! Thank you again and God bless you all.

June Tompkins