The Hebrew word for ‘testimony’ means to ‘do again’. These are not just encouraging stories; they’re declarations of who God is and what He does. We love to share testimonies because we know that when we celebrate what He’s doing He responds by doing it again and again. Read these testimonies and receive the grace that is being imparted to you.

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  • A rejuvenating experience

    ‘The most rejuvenating experience I have ever had. I feel so much relief and ability to forgive now. I needed to know how much God really loves me as I used to always think I was never good enough for Him. It is such a helpful and emotionally freeing experience and I recommend it to the world!!’

  • Healed stomach and a changed life

    This is a testimony that came from the Dreaming with God Conference that NKCC ran in June 2012. It is shared with Jamie’s permission. Enjoy!

    Dear whom this may concern

    My my name is Jamie and I wanted to write to you and thank you so much for hosting the Dreaming with God conference. It has literally changed my life. I came on my own (scary for a 21 year old girl) but people were so welcoming and friendly that this stopped being a problem pretty quickly.

    I am writing, though, to share a testimony with you from the day. A few years ago I had an eating disorder for 4 years which God healed me of – woop! The effects however still remained. I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gastritis which meant I could suffer terrible pain and at worst just throw up green bile. Before the conference however God was really starting to move all over it. There was lots of prayer for it that I simply didn’t initiate.

    Then the Saturday evening happened which was amazing. One of your preachers got up and did a call out for healing. Thing is I didn’t put my hand up because I thought it was ok. Then as the preacher started praying my stomach got incredibly hot and God’s presence was so thick! The next thing I knew all the pain was gone and I heard God say ‘there will be no more!’ amazing! God is so kind! Since then I have had no pain, I’ve been able to feel hungry and I’ve actually started to enjoy eating! Wholeness is starting to happen spiritually, emotionally and physically! He is just amazing. A little touch from daddy literally changes a life!

    So thankyou so much! You have changed/changing my life and I just hope others have as great or greater stories to tell from the day!

    Love Daddy’s little girl!


    Jamie Dalgliesh

  • Wrapped up in God’s love

    ‘I felt as if I was wrapped up in God s love and since have known His love for me in my heart not just in my head which I had not felt before’.

  • Bladder stone gone

    In September I had some tests (dye injected and x-rays to check kidney and bladder function) which revealed that I had a bladder stone. I was then sent for further tests (ultrasound, x-ray and camera inspection of bladder). The tests were on Monday 16th November, following the conference. I have an appointment with the consultant on 2nd December.

    At the Conference I asked for prayer for healing. People prayed for the stone to be gone. I felt the presence of God and on Sunday I realised I no longer had the dull ache in my back that I had had for some time. When I went for the tests on Monday I got the excellent news that I no longer have a bladder stone. The Doctor said ‘either you must have passed it (which would not have happened with out my knowing) or something else must have happened!! Praise God for ‘something else’. I believe I have been completely healed and God took the stone away. This week I have felt so much better than I have for some time.

    Jane Carey

  • ‘Bendy back’!

    Here is my testimony of God’s healing presence at the conference:

    In 1976 I had 2 discs removed in my lumbar spine. In those days this was done by a laminectomy operation, and the resultant formation of scar tissue subsequently led to the fusion of the vertebrae. Over recent years I have noticed a significantly increasing stiffness.

    I should also say that I have known many occasions of refreshing healing from the Lord at times when I have been in pain….. what a blessing these have been over the years !

    So, when Bill Johnson made rather a precise announcement about missing discs and fused spine, the description fitted perfectly. Although I must say I wasn’t particularly concerned about my condition, and haven’t had much pain recently – but how could I ignore such a precise call ?

    The result ? ……

    After the people around me prayed, my act of faith was to bend down and touch my toes, something which would so obviously be a test (I do have to say, that as an ex-physio, I was reluctant to do this, aware that our human bodies are not made for such extreme movements on a regular basis). Anyway, I touched the floor with my fingertips (and came up again) and I can also freely twist and turn. I keep telling everyone that I’m all ‘bendy’ – it actually feels very strange! I now realise how stiff I had actually become. Isn’t God good !! … and He’s so very clever !

    May others be blessed by the words of this testimony.

    Hilary Ferns

  • Hearing God made easier

    ‘Since my Sozo, I have been hearing from God easier, and finally can relate to Him better as my Father, which is something I have struggled with over the years. Thank you for being in tune to that which God has for me’.

  • Cancerous bowel ulcers disappear

    Last November, I had an operation to remove part of my upper bowel as I had a 1st stage cancerous ulcer. This was successful and I was told to have a check up in 18 months.

    In June this year, I was referred to have an operation for haemoroids as this was causing me to be anaemic. During the operation I had a colonoscopy so they could check everything was ok after last year’s problems. The next day I was told that more ulcers had been seen, so I would have to come in for another colonoscopy and biopsies would need to be done.

    On the 27th September, I went into hospital and during the procedure the doctor said “I will not have to see you for 5 years”. Being sedated, I thought I had misheard but afterwards the nurse read the report to me and confirmed that no ulcers had been found – so no biopsies were taken! Yet 10 weeks before ulcers were seen.

    I praise and thank God for my healing and thank my dear home group and church family for their love and prayers.

    I had to see my consultant 2 weeks ago and he confirmed that all is well and indeed I do not have to go back for 5 years. Alleluia.

    Moira Dudney

  • Ankle healed and a new injection of LIFE

    Thank you so much for the Healing School last Thursday and Friday. What a great time of refreshing in the Lord.

    Last June I broke my left ankle and my foot was still in the process of recovering its normal use and strength, when 2 weeks ago I was afflicted with a new problem in the same foot – diagnosed as a growth on one of the nerves, which set me right back into limping and swelling again, the pain being greater than I had experienced from the fracture.

    Before attending your conference, I declared that I was not going to still have this condition by the end of it. During Thursday, it was uncomfortable and swollen. By Friday morning it was much more comfortable. Friday pm there was a word of knowledge about painful left feet, so I stood up. On moving and wiggling my toes, I found there was no pain from the new condition, but also my foot felt generally stronger.

    Yesterday I told my story to my physiotherapist, who is so pleased with my progress that she is ready to sign me off next week if it remains the same. This morning, I put on some lively praise music and did something I haven’t been able to do for many months – I danced all round my kitchen! Then I met with the friend I had attended the conference with, and we had a glorious time in the Lord’s presence – a new thing for us. This afternoon I went for a walk.

    Since last week I have received a new injection of LIFE in all its fullness, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. What amazing grace! What an amazing God! Thank you again and God bless you all.

    June Tompkins

  • ‘The metal in my arm has GONE!’

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting the Bill Johnson conference. I was the man who was healed on the first evening. The metal in my left arm has GONE. I’ve spent most of the day looking at it in awe and amazement.

    I have even done ten press ups! I have not done one since the accident 11 years ago, (oh and Ive tried!). Praise God.

    As a result of my testimoney, a man came to me at the end of the evening service and told me that, as I gave my testimony the restricted movement he had in his left arm (due to a previous injury) had gone and that he had full movement in his arm. Praise God.

    John Brydon