Troop Carriers Prophecy

Troop Carriers Prophecy

Troop Carriers Prophecy, July 2020

David Webster

Brought first at the Eastgate Sunday service, 26th July, by David Webster. This was the first live service back in the auditorium at Eastgate following the Covid 19 lockdown.

“I saw a picture of a modern military troop carrier filled with soldiers being taken to the front line. The soldiers are trained and equipped and ready for battle. During their journey they have been enclosed in the carrier, enjoying the camaraderie of the other soldiers, but cut off from the outside world. They know they are on a mission, a great exploit, a massive incursion into the enemies’ territory, but temporarily they are not aware of where they are and exactly where they are going. They have to trust another to know the journey, keep them secure, and take them safely to the next stage. They are hopeful and expectant but not without anxiety and nervous tension. They are mixed in age and experience of battle, the older and more mature a reassuring presence among the younger and less experienced.

Then the vehicle finally arrives and the troops file out at their destination. They look around taking in their new vista. As they do, many other troop carriers arrive, and they realise that they have been part of a large convey of military might. This is the frontline of the battle.

As they all gather there is a period of relaxing, even joking around. There is an air of confidence and expectation as they take in the new landscape and what begins to look like a new military deployment.

Jesus is there, their general, clothed in splendour and glorious light, Lord of all the earth, an awesome commander. He begins to give out new orders and instructions. For some his instructions are as originally planned, though no less exciting and demanding. For others there is a change from what they had expected, a different direction to go in. I saw one particular group being drawn together to go off immediately and ambush the enemy.”

There was a real sense that we (the church) were the troops and that the period in the troop carriers was our time in lockdown, enclosed, restricted, and our view limited. We were still going in the right direction but unsure of the journeys details, that was in someone else’s hands, who we needed to trust.

Now perhaps, we are in the situation where we are getting out of the troop carriers and looking around. This is a good time to be resting and abiding in Christ and listening to his voice (which has of course been our teaching theme at the moment). We need to be listening carefully for his next instructions and the leading of the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately.

There was a general air of expectation and readiness for the battle ahead, not least of all because of the presence of Jesus in his power, majesty and awesome splendour.