Lion of Judah Prophecy

Lion of Judah Prophecy

Lion of Judah Prophecy, May 2020

Irene Nlandu

The Lion of Judah is roaring. The Lord of armies is calling his people to get ready for the season ahead. As the roar echoes from mountains to valleys, the supernatural power of God awakes and strengthens hearts. His love is resurrecting buried promises. Are you ready?

This is a time of preparation for an expansion. This is a season of shaking, of equipping, of rest. Families and marriages are being restored. This is a time of caring, one of mourning and grief. And in this season, the strength of God is rooting us deeper in him. He is making us ready.

People of God, arise and unite. Come and see, the enemy is defeated. Stand in your promises. Hear the roar. It’s time to get ready.