Lighthouse Prophecy

Lighthouse Prophecy

Lighthouse Prophecy 23/4/12

4 years ago, when I was looking to move down South, the Father showed me a picture of me joining the family firm at a lighthouse. I simply thought that this was a confirmation that I was to go to work at my practice which is called the Lighthouse.

On Sunday morning, I saw a large concrete foundation had been laid, I saw large holes being drilled into it and steel girders being erected. I felt that the Father is in the process of building here. I know there is a building project on the way, but this was in the sense of what the church was going to be. As I watched I saw a stream of people coming to join the building process, and I knew the Father is going to gather in more of His people, to come and help NKCC, in the process He has started. This is the first stage.

I asked the Father what we were building and why it was so substantial and He said that it was going to be a lighthouse and it needed to be strong to weather the storms. That the light of His presence would shine out over the whole country and into the continent. I saw that this presence was sent out by a mirror made of hundreds of facets. That each one of us, was a facet in the mirror and our job was to stay in His presence so we then shone it out to the surrounding country.

The lighthouse had many holes dug, in a strict pattern. I felt the Father say that it would need many rooms to contain all who were coming and that the process of building would not be hap-hazard, but that He had a clear design and plan on how we were to grow and what we were to do. I felt that we would need to set up systems to deal with the lost and the sick. Initially there wouldn’t be much to do, there would not be a great take-up, but not to worry because we were in a stage where what we were doing was a drill, a time of preparation. We had to keep practicing, to keep with the drills.

Finally I saw that the Lighthouse was fully built. I saw what looked to be like the scene in Pearl Harbour after the attack on the harbour started; hundreds, possibly thousands would start coming, the lost, the sick and the lonely. An almost overwhelming number, however because we were ready and had our systems in place, we wouldn’t be overwhelmed, we would have the capacity to deal with them and know what to do.

I felt the Father’s encouragement for us all to stay in His presence, to become Bright Shining ones, and to be prepared for what is to come.

Lighthouse Prophecy 15/7/12

I saw that the lighthouse is staffed by teams who ran it, they fly in and fly out; that when away from the lighthouse they were still called lighthouse keepers – they still wore the uniform, they don’t lose their identity and that they keep coming back. Whilst away from the lighthouse, others cared for the light, whilst away… that they carry the light with them and set fire to kindling elsewhere; I saw lighthouses appearing all over the UK.

Lighthouse Prophecy 17/8/12

I was exercising and my mind went back to the Lighthouse prophesy. As soon as I saw it, I once again saw the internal design of the building. It needed strong internal walls because a flood of the Holy Spirit was gushing through it. It washed over people kneeling to pray, and flowed round the building.

Then I felt the Father say, normally a lighthouse is built so that water doesn’t get in (I saw that famous picture of the French Lighthouse being swamped.) But in this case the water – the Spirit – flows from the lighthouse. I saw someone, and I felt his boldness walk up to double doors, that looked like a fire escape and he slammed the release bars, to release the water out. At the same time I saw in my mind a sign saying Fire Exit and I knew again that it was the fire of the Holy Spirit. That we are meant to send out streams of living water.

I knew that the crowd who were coming, (Pearl Habour scene) were coming because they were thirsty. I had the passage: Come all you who are thirsty, come and drink.