Dinosaur Word

Dinosaur Word

Dinosaur Word, June 2020

Irene Nlandu

In a vision, God showed me the Great Dinosaur at the Natural History Museum. I saw a recreation of a 3D model of how it appeared in real life. Then, as the different layers faded away, I saw the skeleton. As I looked at the bare bones, I saw clusters of life burgeoning on the bones, gradually joining to each other. They kept growing and connecting. And the Dinosaur began to look more life-like than the initial 3D recreation.

I’ve had conversations with other prophets who shared similar visions. This is my interpretation of what God showed me.

We’re in a season where it’s essential that we ‘go back to basics’. God is calling us back to His commandments: We are to love Him first, return to the roots of intimacy with Him and love our neighbours as ourselves.

In terms of church life, it is also time to simplify. We have to let go of somethings that were right at the time we adopted them, but they no longer have relevance. The breath of God is not on them in this season. It is time to simplify church, to move back from doing church to being church. To be family.
Connected at the core (the bones) while simultaneously allowing freedom and life to flow through the points where the clusters link. Each different in their appearance and flavour, and yet carrying the same DNA which reveals the beauty and the life of the whole.

Practically speaking, it is likely that the corporate expressions of church will not look like they used to for months, even years. Now is the time to explore the idea of church happening in homes. For example, how can we resource connect groups to be church? It is time to become a more organic expression of the church, more local. The same DNA, with different flavours.

The conversation about race is perfectly timed as it drives us back to the basics of life and faith, with the possibility of creating a framework in which all can flourish in equality.

‘Central’ still has a function, but it needs to change to equipping. In this next phase, its purpose will be to provide resources that empower each family member who gathers in a cluster, giving them opportunity to grow and thrive and do the work of the Kingdom.

It is time for the church to look completely different. To feel different and to return to growth that produces authenticity – as we reflect the Glory of God in different shapes and sizes. It’s time to reimagine the church.