Connect to us

Connect to us

Church is family. The only way to really discover this is take that leap and get to know some people. There are lots of different ways to do this.


If you would like to know more about Eastgate please fill in our Newcomers form and our Welcome Team will be in touch shortly.

Becoming a Member

If you’re interested in making Eastgate your home church please see the Becoming a Member page.

Welcome lunches

There’s something about sharing a meal together that builds a connection quite unlike anything else. We regularly host Welcome Lunches – a great way to meet people who are already part of Eastgate as well as others who are new. See our Welcome Lunches page for more information and to book a place.

Connect groups

This is one of the key ways we ‘do life’ together. Midweek groups are where we spend time together, support each other through the ups and downs, spur one another on, have fun and run after our dreams. Interested in joining a group? You can find descriptions of our groups on the Connect groups page.

Serving/joining a team

We were all made to live for something greater than ourselves. Serving on a team is a great way to be part of what God is doing in our region and develop deep friendships with people who have a similar passion to serve God. If you want to meet some amazing people and be a part of making history find out more on the join a team page.

Social Events

Fun is a core value here at Eastgate. There are social events running throughout the year. Details are on the weekly email update, our Facebook page and Twitter (see icons at top of page).

Conferences and events

We believe we have a mandate to equip other Christians across the nation and beyond. We regularly run conferences and events, which are are a great opportunity to encounter God, discover more of your purpose in Him, receive life-changing teaching and meet other passionate believers. Our Conferences section details events we have planned.

Eastgate School of Spiritual Life

Every September, people from all over Britain and even Europe give up their day jobs, get new ones, travel long distances and even move house. Why? Because they want to be a part of ESSL. It’s a 9 month course in which your life will change as you discover God’s heart for you, encounter His love, step into your royal identity and learn to walk in His power. Find out more about ESSL.

Social Media

To follow Eastgate on Facebook and Twitter please click the social media icons at the top of the page.