What we believe

What we believe

Eastgate is a member of the Evangelical Alliance which has a clear statement of beliefs entitled ‘Basis of Faith‘ and Eastgate adheres to this. Our values reflect what we see as important attributes of our church’s community life and they are shown below.


We believe the Bible is the inspired, dynamic word of God and that the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. As we study the Word, and listen to the Holy Spirit, He brings us insight and revelation to deepen our understanding of the truth.

God is good

We believe that God is good, and all He does is good. His desire is that all should know Him and receive the life that comes from Him through His son, Jesus. In relationship with Him we come alive and represent Him, displaying His heart and power to the world around us.

Presence of God

We love the presence of God and this is central to our lives and all we do. Holy Spirit is God, He leads us into intimacy with God the Father and Jesus the Son. He speaks to us in many ways – through the Word, encounters with Him, prophecy, teaching and preaching. He also gives us power and gifts to extend the Kingdom and bring heaven to earth. We carry His presence with us wherever we go.


We expect God’s Kingdom to invade every situation. We expect to see miracles wherever we go. We carry the Kingdom of God within us and it flows from us. We look for God at work everywhere around us. We believe in the power of testimony to encourage faith. We aim to be a people that take risks of faith, putting ourselves in situations where we are dependent on God’s supernatural power. This is faith in action.


We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings. We are royalty. Our self worth comes from knowing who we are. Intimacy with Him, and hearing from Him, is our birthright and our expectation. We aim to raise up sons and daughters who know who they are, who are equipped to extend the Kingdom and be and do all the Father has for them.


Honour flows from our identity as royal sons and daughters and from recognising that we are all made in His image. It is about how we manage ourselves and how we love, respect and act towards others. We aim to create an environment in which people feel safe, accepted, able to be honest and truthful with one another and where Holy Spirit can flow freely.


God is love. He delights in us. He loves us unconditionally. Knowing this we are able to live in security and free from fear. It also enables us to love and accept ourselves and others.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Jesus came to set us free from slavery to sin and also to release us into the freedom to be all we were created to be.


Jesus came so that we would have life – and life to the full. In his presence there is fullness of joy and we can experience that joy. Holy Spirit is fun to be with and we are free to be filled with joy, fun, passion and enthusiasm.


We want to be generous in all that we do – in our praise and worship, our time and energy, our hospitality, in giving thanks and in the use of our money and possessions. Tithing is a biblical principle and we encourage people to do this and be generous also.


The church is a family in which everyone has a part to play. We can all participate in worship, share testimonies, pray and prophesy. We encourage everyone to serve in some capacity as part of the family. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their personal growth and to understand that the actions we take in the family impact both ourselves and others. If we make a mistake we need to take responsibility and be willing to put it right.

Anointed leadership

Good leadership is essential for the health and progress of any organisation. As a church we have the benefit of heaven’s resources and wisdom being poured into us, and one of the ways this happens is through the spiritual gift of leadership. We believe that God anoints people with the Holy Spirit and with different gifts so that the whole church benefits. Our belief is that the responsibility of leaders is to produce “good soil” in which everyone has the opportunity to grow to their full potential. We respect our leaders across all areas of life at “Eastgate” and expect to benefit from God’s anointing on their life. However, we do not seek to put them on a pedestal or regard them as superior to other people.