Our vision

Our vision

We live to see Heaven on Earth

Our purpose is

‘to be a worshipping community, devoted to Jesus and reaching out to others with His goodness, love and power’.

Our vision is

‘to be a church that actively extends the Kingdom of God by the overflow of His love and power demonstrated through daily lives that transform individuals, communities, cities and nations’.

What does this all mean?

It means that worshipping the real Jesus is our priority. Without Him we have nothing. But with Him, we have everything. Through Jesus we have access to the love and power of God and it’s so good we can’t keep it to ourselves.

And so our vision is really the ‘how’. We believe that ‘transformed lives transform lives’. So we’re here as a place for people to regularly encounter the love and power of God, and be trained and equipped to be vessels for this love to transform the world around them.