Pete Carter

Pete Carter

What do you do here?

Provide leadership, vision, strategy, faith and inspiration to Eastgate.

Eastgate story

I started leading the church in 1988 when there were about 25 adults and 10 children. At that time I was a full time GP. I have had the privilege of developing the leadership structure through the various phases of church growth and in 1994 I left my GP partnership to devote my time more fully to the church. More than 20 years later I continue to be amazed at what God has done and is doing amongst us.

What’s your passion?

To see the full potential of Christianity realised through our daily lives. I also have a particular passion to see the world of medicine affected by the power and love of God, and for Christian healing to sit alongside good medicine for the sake of any who choose to benefit from it.

What do you love?

I love my family life with my wife, children and grandchildren. I love playing sport and watching it, especially the Olympic Games.

One interesting fact about you

I worked at a Mission Hospital in Kenya.