Liz Smallwood

Liz Smallwood

What do you do here?

I have general oversight of what happens under the banner of Eastgate and helping form a structure where each part can work well with each other. This touches many areas of Eastgate life – the building and what happens in it, its connection with the community; finance; personnel; church members and integration; communication – website, branding, social media; events and conferences; health and safety; safeguarding – always with an eye on God’s plans for the future.

Eastgate story

I became a part of the church that is now known as Eastgate through living in New Ash Green and experiencing the love and support of this amazing group of people – I became a Christian in 1997 and started working for the church the year after.

What’s your passion?

My passion is to help create an environment where everyone can encounter the presence of God and experience His goodness.

What do you love?

What do I love? God, family, people, good food and wine!

One interesting fact about you

I was the first girl born in my family for over a 100 years.