School Life

School Life


ESSL is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them and has given His Church supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. God is in a good mood!

This pioneering venture emphasizes that believers need to return to a life of signs and wonders – to minister in love, truth and the power of God. The mission of the school is to equip and deploy followers of Jesus Christ who passionately pursue transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. We have assembled a great team of apostolic and prophetic people made up of Eastgate staff and interns from our own school.


Teaching at the Eastgate School of Supernatural Life is given by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who are actively involved in extending the Kingdom of God and ministering in churches. The teaching is delivered by speakers from Eastgate mixed with the Bethel DVD curriculum and powerful guest speakers from Bethel and other ministries.

Emphasis is given to developing an overview of the scriptures along with being immersed in a revelatory culture where the Holy Spirit is the chief instructor.

Learning takes place in large group sessions and smaller sized connect groups.

Every week students are challenged through preaching, teaching, encounter, impartation, activation equipping and doing. Students are involved in supernatural outreach in the local community. We have established a Healing Centre with which students can also get involved.

Reading in your own time is expected and is a large part of our curriculum. There will be a required reading list of inspiring books in addition to a Bible reading programme. Anticipate reading 4-5 hours a week.


The school is a Holy Spirit-led ministry environment where students of all ages come to learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extend its borders through a supernatural lifestyle. One of our core values is honour, which manifests through joining the generations and teaching every age group to value and serve one another. The school will emphasize hands on training and experience along with academic understanding. This creates a teach and do culture where all of the students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith, encourage one another and grow in their understanding of God. We believe that each verse of the Bible is an invitation into an experience with the Lord; therefore the students are challenged to live the Bible.

Student Life

The school is designed to equip students to live a supernatural lifestyle, not just minister in the gifts of the Spirit. They are encouraged to be naturally supernatural by bringing heaven to earth wherever they go. Though in-class hours are Thursday and Friday from 9.30 – 17.30, the school is a “full-time experience”. The class hours are learning opportunities with the instructors but they are just a small part of the learning experience.

ESSL is not for the faint of heart or lazy; it is a fast paced season of schooling, but the training is pivotal and strategic and we believe the demands soon help transform students. Things that are at first strange and challenging gradually become second nature and students move from merely echoing a message to becoming the message.

The school culture is more about meeting God as you “do life”. Learning without a lot of external restrictions creates a need for a high level of discipleship, personal responsibility and accountability in the lives of our students. This is accomplished through small group interaction and a covenant community which embraces honesty, transparency and confrontation.

ESSL is not aimed at those who are looking for a place of rehabilitation nor people who are just coming out of life dominating problems. Eastgate’s school is designed to be a ministry training centre where our students realise their royal identity, learn the attributes of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King.


The school begins in September and runs through to June of the following year. For current term dates click here

1st year
First Year at ESSL focuses on assimilating the core values of the Kingdom into the heart of the believer and establishing God’s royal identity in the mind of each student. First year students learn how to walk in the power of God and in the gifts of the Spirit. There will be opportunities to be part of ministry teams in church services and to serve at our conferences and evening classes. There will be outreach ministry each week and two mission trips a year (in the UK or abroad). Students must raise additional funds for these mission trips.

2nd year

The second year is a programme where students develop their calling, strengths, destiny, gifts and character along with further theological and practical outreach training. At the end of the second year we offer the opportunity of doing a third year internship programme.