Daytime School

Daytime School

“Welcome to an adventure into a supernatural lifestyle; a discovery of your God given potential to be a world changer; a journey into the miraculous.

During 3 months that Kim and I spent at Bethel, God led us on an amazing prophetic journey which has resulted in the establishing of this school. It’s a story of freedom and liberation, miracles and healing, dreams and visions.

We are creating a school environment where you can go on a similar journey, discovering and entering into your dreams, using your God given creativity, praying for the sick and hearing God’s voice. We want you to enjoy the freedom Jesus has bought for us all – freedom to enjoy God, freedom to be great, freedom to dream and bringing freedom to others.

We would love you to come and join us.”

Pete Carter
Director, Eastgate


“Amongst God’s people there is a hunger for greater intimacy with the Father, a passion for his presence and supernatural impact in ministry and outreach. In the DNA of every Christian there’s a longing for the impossible, faith for the miraculous, a desire for destiny and a yearning for more of heaven on earth. Something inside us says that powerless Christianity is not an option. We want to hear God, prophesy, heal the sick, set the captives free and advance the Kingdom of God. We invite you to join us on the daytime Eastgate School of Supernatural Life and make your dreams and longings for the things of God come true.

Why not come and join us on this Holy Spirit adventure?”

David Webster
Director and co-founder, Eastgate School of Supernatural Life
Director, Eastgate