Outside Eastgate

Outside Eastgate

We regularly partner with other organisations to help them run their events. Current opportunities are listed below – click on them to see more information then click here to complete the serving application.

  • European Leaders Advance, 9th-12th July

    ELA is a three-day conference for church leadership teams from across Europe. This year the main speakers will be Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Paul Manwaring (all from Bethel Church, Redding) and Banning Leibscher (from Jesus Culture). We have been partnering with the organisers for a few years now, providing admin and practical support. They are looking for ambassadors.

    An ELA ambassador is a helper and a friendly face, offering support in terms of stewarding, ushering the queue along, manning the information desk and other various and exciting tasks. Basically, bringing heaven into everything they do.

    Here’s how it works: Ambassadors get access to the conference for a discounted price (£50 instead of £150), and the plan is for each ambassador to be on duty about 6 hours per day and get at least one session in the auditorium as a minimum. When not on duty, the ambassadors’ team have reserved seats in the auditorium. Last year, each ambassador only served for one day, but it all depends on how big the team is this time. The dates are 9th-12th July (including induction on Sunday 9th and an evening with Bill Johnson).

    If you are interested, please get in touch.

  • Open Plaza, Southend, 23rd – 30th July

    Open Plaza is an outreach week that Southend Fellowship Church run every two years for a full week of the school holidays. The idea is that everything is free to those in the community with a heart to bless them with the love of God and also creating opportunities to encounter Jesus. The main bits that would be great to have assistance is ‘free hugs’, prophetic readings, praying for healing etc etc and these would be on the Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday afternoons. On the Friday they are running a fun day in the local park which normally attracts 1,000+ people and it would be great to have similar things happening there.

    If you are interested please get in touch.

  • David’s Tent, Steyning, 25th – 28th August

    David’s Tent is a 72 hour non-stop worship event in the Sussex countryside. Passionate worship led by guest artists from across the globe as well as worship teams from local churches. There are teaching and impartation sessions with a selection of guest artists and every year we see people from all walks of life and all denominations gather together, in God’s presence.

    We will be partnering with them, offering prayer ministry in the big top and healing prayer in the ministry tent.

    If you are interested, please contact us.